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EV Charger Rebate Program in Anaheim CA

Electric vehicle (EV) sales continue to grow in Southern California. Anaheim Public Utilities has launched new rebates for Level 2 and DC fast EV charging stations. If you have considered adding this amenity to your property, now is the perfect time to act. Commercial, Residential and Municipal customers like you can now:
  • Receive up to $5,000 for each publicly accessible station
  • Receive up to $10,000 for each station accessible to schools and affordable housing
  • Get your EV charger permit application fee paid
The application deadline is January 15th, 2017,...
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SCE Electric Vehicle and Charging Station Installation Resources

We work closely with SCE to make sure your electric vehicle charging station installation is done correctly and that your rates are optimized for Electric Vehicles. Electrician Guides for Electric Vehicle Installation are also available, choose from:
Installing Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
at Single-Family Homes
Installing Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
at Commercial and Multi-Family Properties
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Federal Electric Vehicle Rebates

Federal Electric Vehicle Rebates A tax credit is available for the purchase of a new qualified plug-in electric drive motor vehicle that draws propulsion using a traction battery that has at least five kilowatt hours (kWh) of capacity, uses an external source of energy to recharge the battery, has a gross vehicle weight rating of up to 14,000 pounds, and meets specified emission standards. The minimum credit amount is $2,500, and the credit may be up to $7,500, based on each vehicle's traction battery capacity and...
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